Matthias Mende, Crypto Influencer of the Year, to Speak at Satoshi United in Dubai and London Crypto Challenge Forum

Matthias Sheikh Mende, Block Gemini CSO and a well-established IT & crypto influencer, will be speaking at two largest international blockchain events in October 2018. The Chief Strategy Officer of one of the leading blockchain development companies in the Middle East will discuss up-to-the-minute industry news and might disclose some novelties behind Block Gemini’s latest projects.

On October 22-23, Mende will be attending the Satoshi United conference in Dubai, the event that proclaimed itself “a celebration” of disruptive, emerging and revolutionary technologies. It is not the first time the Satoshi team has invited Mende to share his expertise on stage: Block Gemini CSO has recently received the “Crypto Influencer of the Year” award at Satoshi United in Singapore.

Matthias Mende

Besides that on October 29, Mende will be speaking at the Crypto Challenge Forum in London (at the iconic Central Hall Westminster), alongside Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-founder, Lindsay Graham, USA Senator and other popular blockchain tycoons like Evan Luthra, Roger Ver, Bobby Lee and Vinay Gupta. The Forum’s agenda this year will explore “Blockchain and the Future of Humanity: Economy. Environment. Ethics.”

Matthias Mende, as a revolutionary strategic innovator and a thought leader among blockchain enthusiasts, strongly believes that education and a mutually beneficial cooperation are necessary steps towards a further industry development, “We need more innovative Blockchain and Crypto events like Futurama, Satoshi United, WBF and CCF London, as each of them is a unique platform that allows educating enterprise decision makers. This finally leads to bringing the world closer for the mainstream use of blockchain technology.”

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