Abra now allow users to Invest in a Cryptocurrency Index Fund Token

One of the popular mobile app, Crypto wallet and exchange Abra now collaborates with Bitwise Asset management. Now it allows users to invest in a cryptocurrency token that tracks Bitwise’s large-cap crypto index.

Abra app customers can buy and sell Bitwise 10 Crypto Index token (BIT10). The BIT10 allows users to own tokens that value tracks an index of 10 different large-cap crypto coins. Currently, it is only available on Abra App, There is only a $5 minimum investment in the BIT10, with no limitations as far as time periods for buying and selling. The index token provides the public with an accessible way to become involved in cryptocurrency markets, and gain exposure to the price movements of many different significant crypto assets, without the need for time-consuming research and constant portfolio management.

Abra BIT10

Now Abra app has around 28 cryptos for Buy and sells via 50+ fiat currency options. Abra envisions “an open, global financial system that is easily accessible to everyone.” Abra also utilizes the ability for users to control their own private keys — unlike many cryptocurrency investing apps — giving them added security and control.

Cryptocurrencies are complicated, with much of the public seeing the whole sector as confusing. Abra places importance on simplicity, with a greater likelihood of public involvement if things are clear and straightforward. Abra Founder and CEO Bill Barhydt explained, “We created the BIT10 token to allow greater access to cryptocurrency investing by making the experience simple and accessible.”

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